7 Common Tomato Varieties For Sale At The Store

Whether you contemplate it a fruit or vegetable, the succulent, juicy tomato brings coloration and taste to any dish. Different tomato varieties have qualities all their very own that make them the proper addition to your favourite dish.

The tangy essence of the savory tomato has roots in South/Central America and Mexico. Especially distinguished in Italian delicacies, at this time this widespread fruit could be present in recipes from world wide. In actuality, there are lots of of tomato varieties on the planet. However, most supermarkets typically carry a couple of normal varieties. Today, we’re introducing you to the 7 commonest sorts of tomato varieties you’ll discover within the common grocery retailer or farmer’s market.

How to Select a Fresh, Fragrant, and Tasty Tomato?

When grocery looking for tomatoes, it’s solely pure to search out the totally different varieties overwhelming. After all, how do you choose an excellent tomato, and what kind of tomato is greatest for what? Tomatoes are literally a fruit, a berry really, and develop on the tomato plant or Solanum lycopersicum.

When shopping for tomatoes there are a couple of factors to contemplate in order for you the most effective fruit to your cash. First, whether or not your tomato has crimson, yellow, or pink pores and skin, make sure that it has a wealthy, uniform coloration. Next, give it the sniff check: Hold it as much as your nostril and sniff. The aroma ought to be contemporary and never moldy.

A normal rule of thumb is that the tastier tomatoes may have a deeper aroma. Oh, and neglect the squeeze check, massive tomato varieties just like the beefsteak will really feel heavy whenever you maintain them. If they don’t have heft, then go them on by.

Finally, keep away from any tomatoes which have blemishes. Any discoloration, black spot, or bruised space might imply it’s rotten on the within. tomato may have shiny pores and skin, irrespective of the colour. If the pores and skin is boring, then it’s an excellent wager that so will the style.

7 Common Tomato Varieties

1. Heirloom Tomatoes: Juicy, Meaty, and Flavorful

Heirloom tomatoes obtained their title as a result of they’re a pure pressure with seeds being handed down from one era to the subsequent. In different phrases, they aren’t hybrid tomatoes like most different tomato varieties. Instead, the roots of heirloom tomatoes are collected and planted subsequent season. There isn’t any cross-pollination.

One of the explanations customers select heirlooms over different tomato varieties is their style. They contemplate the flavour of the heirloom tomato to be sweeter and the feel extra dense and meaty.

Heirloom tomatoes style nice when feasted uncooked. Just select a pleasant, plump one and chunk it like an apple. You’ll discover the mouthfeel obtained by biting right into a uncooked heirloom delectable, contemporary, and thrilling. They are additionally good selections for canning and sauce-making.

2. Beefsteak Tomatoes: A Hefty Tomato Perfect for Sandwich Making

Beefsteak tomatoes are one of many extra sought-after tomatoes in grocery shops. This is because of their thick, tasty texture and dimension with some weighing as much as one pound! They are, for all intents and functions, the epitome of the traditional tomato. Beefsteak tomatoes are those to buy in the event you’re looking for a tomato that may “do anything”.


Like plum tomatoes, these infants are excellent for making sandwiches attributable to their low moisture content material. In different phrases, they’re simple to slice and received’t bleed juice all around the sandwich bread.

Their low moisture content material additionally makes this selection excellent for salads. Those who love grilled veggies will discover that that is the proper tomato so as to add to the combination as their beefy texture means they maintain up nicely throughout grilling.

3. Plum Tomatoes: Perfect for Soups, Brushetta, Sandwiches, and Grilling

Plum tomatoes are one of many favourite tomato varieties within the grocery store. However, in the event you’re looking for them within the produce aisle however can’t discover them by title, test for his or her alternate title: Roma tomatoes.

These rectangular tomatoes are typically chosen for his or her style and ease of dealing with. By ease of dealing with, we imply that they’ve a decrease moisture content material, so that they work nicely on sandwiches and are easy to slice. They’re the primary alternative for cooks into canning, making sauces, or roasting. They additionally make terrific-tasting, contemporary tomato paste.

Great for making bruschetta, grilled tomatoes, tomato tarts, marinara sauce, and tomato soup.

4. Cherry Tomatoes: Delectable Little Mouthfuls of Flavor

Cherry tomatoes are certainly one of nature’s treasures. Laden with nutritional vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, these nutrient-dense powerhouses include many well being advantages. Originally from South America, cherry tomatoes have landed in our supermarkets and are a favourite with buyers.

Cherry tomatoes are the proper repair for recipes that require the spark of taste equipped by tomatoes, however require a tomato that’s simpler to deal with. This consists of salads, kebabs, sandwiches, toppings, and Charcuterie boards. Let’s not neglect snacking. Cherry tomatoes are the proper answer so as to add to a dieter’s roster of wholesome snack meals.

However, in case you are at a loss for what to do with cherry tomatoes, try this fabulous recipe for roasted cherry tomatoes!

5. Tomatoes on the Vine: Fresh, Nutrient Dense and Meaty

When shopping for tomatoes there’s an excellent likelihood you’ll come throughout some tomatoes on the vine. The motive you see tomatoes nonetheless connected to the vine they grew on is that the vine helps preserve the tomato contemporary.

Many folks select this tomato selection as a result of they imagine that they’re greater in vitamins than its counterparts. Whether that is true or not, these tomatoes stay a wonderful alternative for sandwiches as they’re simpler to slice.

6. Grape Tomatoes: Delicious Mini-Tomatoes Perfect for Salads, Snacks, and Kebabs

According to Dr. Mandell, grape tomatoes have an effect on our total well being and immune system. In grocery shops, grape tomatoes are discovered within the produce part in small containers. Grape tomatoes are the proper answer for snacking, salads, and hors d’oeuvres.

Smaller than cherry tomatoes, cherry tomatoes include a sweeter taste and are a lot much less tart than cherry tomatoes. That being stated, they’re interchangeable with cherry tomatoes in recipes.

7. Green Tomatoes: Made for Frying, Roasting, and Baking

The phrase “fried green tomatoes” was made well-known as a result of movie of the identical title. That being stated, inexperienced tomatoes are scrumptious when baked, fried, or pickled. What is a inexperienced tomato? Well, it’s merely an unripe tomato.

When you store for inexperienced tomatoes, one of many first belongings you’ll discover is that whenever you squeeze them, they’re reasonably agency. This is regular. This is why they work nicely when utilized in recipes that require breading, baking, or fried.

One remaining word, consuming too many inexperienced tomatoes can lead to abdomen upsets. Hard to digest for most individuals, inexperienced tomatoes are greatest consumed cooked, and by no means raw.

Final Thoughts

Now that you simply’re extra acquainted with The totally different tomato varieties and tips on how to use them, the subsequent time you enter the grocery retailer for tomatoes, you’ll be higher outfitted to pick out the most effective selection to your wants. When it comes to purchasing tomatoes summer time appears to be the most effective season, although tomatoes could be bought all yr, customers discover that tomatoes bought in summer time are extra flavorful, have extra texture in addition to being firmer to the contact.

What is a Kumato tomato?

A Kumato tomato is a darkish brown or virtually black tomato that has a barely candy style and is usually utilized in salads or as a garnish.

Different sorts of tomatoes have their very own qualities that make them the proper accompaniment to your favourite dish. Below, we’ll introduce you to the 7 commonest sorts of tomatoes you’ll discover at your common grocery retailer or farmer’s market.
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