Exploring The Exotic: A Guide To Buying Grape Snails

Grape snails, also called Escargots, are a well-liked delicacy in French delicacies. However, they don’t seem to be only a tasty deal with; in addition they supply a spread of well being advantages. Therefore, earlier than you determine, then plunge with us on a gastronomic tour. You will find out about the advantages of grape snails, what to search for when shopping for them, and one of the best methods to prepare dinner them.

Benefits of Grape Snails

Grape snails are wealthy in protein, low in fats, and include essential nutritional vitamins and minerals. They are an excellent supply of iron, magnesium, and calcium, that are important for sturdy bones and wholesome blood. Grape snails are additionally a wealthy supply of vitamin B12, which is essential for mind operate and the manufacturing of purple blood cells.

Additionally, grape snails are low in energy and excessive in fiber, making them glorious meals for weight administration. They are additionally low in carbohydrates, which will be beneficial for folks with diabetes or these following a low-carbohydrate food plan.

Type of escargots

While there are various totally different types of escargots out there, a few of the hottest embrace:

Helix pomatia:

Also often known as the Roman snail or Burgundy snail, this is among the hottest kinds of escargots. It is native to Europe and is often bigger in measurement than different varieties. Helix pomatia has a particular spiral shell that’s usually used as a serving dish for cooked snails.

Helix aspersa:

This is one other in style number of escargot, also called the backyard snail or petit-gris. It is smaller in measurement than Helix pomatia and has a darker, extra pointed shell. Helix aspersa is commonly utilized in French delicacies and can also be in style in North America.

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Achatina fulica:

This is a big, East African species of snail that can also be generally often known as the enormous African snail. Achatina fulica is taken into account an invasive species in lots of elements of the world, however it is usually bred and consumed as a meals supply in some cultures.

Cornu aspersum:

This is a sort of land snail that’s discovered in lots of elements of Europe and is commonly utilized in French delicacies. It has a brownish-yellow shell and is smaller in measurement than Helix pomatia.

Where to Buy Grape Snails?

If you’re trying to purchase snails in your subsequent culinary journey, there are a number of locations you possibly can go to.

1. Visit native grocery shops

Many supermarkets now promote a spread of specialty merchandise, together with snails. Look for them within the frozen meals part or ask your grocer for assist. You may go to gourmand retailers or specialty meals shops in your space. These shops usually inventory a wider vary of snails, together with recent, canned, and frozen choices.

2. Shop From Reputable Online Stores

Some in style choices embrace Amazon, Whole Foods, and specialty meals websites like Gourmet Food Store and Marx Foods. When buying on-line, you should definitely test the vendor and product critiques to be sure to’re getting high-quality snails.

3. Buy snails from a snail farm

Many snail farms supply their merchandise on the market to the general public, both on-line or at farmers’ markets and meals festivals. Buying straight from a snail farm ensures you get recent, natural snails which might be freed from dangerous chemical substances and antibiotics.

What to Look for When Buying Grape Snails?

When shopping for grape snails, there are some things to remember to make sure that you’re getting the highest quality product.


If shopping for recent grape snails, search for alive and energetic snails. They ought to be saved in a cool, moist atmosphere, reminiscent of a humid towel or a container with a humid paper towel.


Whether shopping for recent or canned, be certain that the snails have been correctly cleaned and ready. This contains eradicating the snail from its shell and cleansing it completely to take away any particles or impurities.

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When shopping for canned or frozen grape snails, take into account the dimensions of the snail. Larger snails are likely to have a harder texture, whereas smaller snails are extra tender.

When is the Best Time to Buy Grape Snails?

Grape snails can be found year-round, however their availability might differ relying in your location. If you want to purchase recent grape snails, one of the best time to take action is throughout their peak season, which is often from late spring to early fall.

If you’re shopping for canned or frozen grape snails, they are often bought at any time of the 12 months. However, it’s nonetheless essential to think about the freshness and high quality of the product, whatever the time of 12 months.

How Much Do Grape Snails Cost?

The price of grape snails can differ relying on the product’s kind, high quality, and supply. Fresh grape snails are usually dearer than canned or frozen but additionally supply the next high quality product. On common, you possibly can anticipate to pay between $10$15 per pound for recent grape snails, and $20-$30 per can for canned or frozen snails.

Cooking Methods for Grape Snails

Grape snails will be ready in quite a lot of methods, relying on private desire and the dish being ready. Here are a couple of frequent cooking strategies:


To prepare dinner recent grape snails, they are often boiled for a couple of minutes till they’re absolutely cooked. After boiling, they are often faraway from the shell and utilized in numerous dishes.


The commonest method to put together grape snails is by baking them in a garlic herb butter sauce. They are sometimes served of their shells, which have been cleaned and ready earlier than baking.


Grape snails can be sauteed in a pan with garlic and butter, and served as a facet dish or added to pasta dishes.

Ways to Use Grape Snails

When ready correctly, escargots generally is a tasty and nutritious addition to your food plan. Here are some artistic methods to make use of escargots in your cooking:

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Classic Escargot: The most conventional method to put together escargots is to prepare dinner them in garlic butter and herbs. This basic dish will be served as an appetizer or as a primary course. You can add a wholesome twist to this recipe by utilizing grass-fed butter and recent herbs.

Escargot Stuffed Mushrooms: Another scrumptious method to incorporate escargots into your food plan is by stuffing them into mushrooms. The mixture of flavors and textures creates a novel dish that’s certain to impress your friends. To make this dish even more healthy, use whole-grain breadcrumbs and bake the mushrooms as a substitute of frying them.

Escargot Salad: You may use escargots as a protein supply in your salads. Simply toss some cooked escargots with combined greens, cherry tomatoes, and a light-weight French dressing for a tasty and wholesome meal.

Escargot Omelet: Escargots can be used as a filling in your breakfast omelet. Simply sauté some escargots with onions and peppers, and add them to your overwhelmed eggs. This dish is an effective way to start out your day with a protein-packed meal.

Escargot Pesto Pasta: If you’re a pasta lover, attempt including escargots to your favourite pesto recipe. This creates a novel and flavorful dish that’s each wholesome and satisfying.

Try this distinctive product!

Grape snails supply a spread of well being advantages and are scrumptious and versatile ingredient. They will be present in specialty meals shops, seafood markets, and a few gourmand grocery shops, and will be bought recent, canned, or frozen. When shopping for grape snails, it is very important take into account freshness, cleanliness, and measurement. Grape snails can be utilized in quite a lot of dishes, together with escargot, pasta, appetizers, soups, and stews. They will be ready by boiling, baking, or sauteing, relying on private desire and the dish being ready. So why not attempt incorporating grape snails into your subsequent meal for a novel and nutritious twist?

Grape snails, or Escargots are a well-liked delicacy in French delicacies. So why not attempt incorporating grape snails into your subsequent meal for a novel and nutritious twist?
What is the most well-liked dish with Grape snails?

The hottest dish that includes grape snails is Escargots à la Bourguignonne. This is a basic French dish the place grape snails are cooked in butter, garlic, and parsley, and served of their shells.

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