How to Buy Halloumi Cheese?

Interested in Exotic Cheese?

You don’t want to be a cheese connoisseur to know that one cheese may be very totally different from one other. If you need one thing agency and savory you’ll be able to prepare dinner at excessive temperatures, it is best to take a look at Cyprus’ halloumi cheese. It is changing into simpler and simpler to purchase in U.S. shops, not least due to the reputational enhance from its current designation as a protected product by the E.U.

What Is Halloumi Cheese?

Chances are good people can guess halloumi cheese is a standard Cypriot cheese. Its names mirror the island’s sophisticated historical past. Greek Cypriots name it khalloúmi, whereas Turkish Cypriots name it hellim. Both names can hint their roots to the Demotic phrase ḥlm, that means “cheese” to the traditional Egyptians of classical antiquity. As such, people ought to make certain they’re getting halloumi cheese somewhat than Egyptian hâlûmi cheese. The two sound related as a result of their names come from the identical supply.

As for why you can purchase halloumi cheese, effectively, it is best to take into account these causes. First, Cypriots usually make it utilizing both goat’s or sheep’s milk. That makes for a unique style and thus a unique tasting expertise. Second, it has a salty, savory taste. If you’re searching for one thing to stand out in your meals, it might be it. Third, halloumi cheese melts at a better temperature than most of its counterparts. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to fry it or grill it with out problem, thus making it a fantastic meat substitute if you’re a vegetarian.

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How Is Halloumi Cheese Made?

Generally talking, Cypriot cheese-makers produce halloumi cheese utilizing both goat’s or sheep’s milk. However, they often use cow’s milk as an alternative. Either approach, the milk is heated. That is vital for killing dangerous microorganisms. Curiously, Cypriot cheese-makers use rennet somewhat than acid-producing micro organism to curdle the milk, which is a notable distinction from a lot of their counterparts elsewhere. Regardless, the curds are drained utilizing a strainer, packed right into a mould, poached in salted whey, after which brined in a fridge. The final two steps make it very clear why halloumi cheese is salty.

The methodology for making halloumi cheese is not any secret. As a outcome, non-Cypriot cheese-makers can produce the stuff in the event that they needed to for no matter cause. Whether that’s or isn’t actual halloumi cheese will depend on whether or not you agree with the E.U.’s place on protected merchandise or not. If you agree, you’d say actual halloumi cheese can solely be made by Cypriot cheese-makers utilizing the mandated processes. In distinction, should you disagree, you wouldn’t see a distinction between it and cheese made utilizing the identical approach someplace else. In different phrases, that is simply one other model of the champagne problem as described by Wine Country.

Where Can You Find Halloumi Cheese?

If you have an interest in halloumi cheese, you received’t want to purchase it on-line earlier than getting it shipped to your own home. Instead, chances are high good you’ll find it in an area retailer. That is especially true should you reside in one of many larger metropolitan areas, which have handy entry to a wider vary of products.

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For starters, you’ll be able to take a look at Greek and Turkish grocery shops in your space. Both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots make halloumi cheese, so it’s a widespread sight in each of those shops. Failing that, it is best to take a look at grocery shops that promote items from the Eastern Mediterranean.

If you don’t reside close to such shops, you shouldn’t surrender simply but. Nowadays, halloumi cheese is standard sufficient that you’ll find it at a number of grocery retailer chains. Reported examples embrace however aren’t restricted to Safeway, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. Be warned that its availability is likely to be seasonal at a few of these areas.

Failing this, you’ll be able to at all times simply purchase halloumi cheese from Amazon and different on-line retailers. That might be a way more handy possibility than testing native shops relying on the place you reside.

What Can You Expect to Pay For Halloumi Cheese?

You ought to anticipate to pay extra for halloumi cheese than for extra widespread cheeses within the United States. Mashed says it might value greater than $16.99 per pound at Whole Foods in 2021. There are a number of causes for this. For instance, it’s produced on a single small island, which had some points with ramping up manufacturing previously. Simultaneously, Cypriot cheese-makers should use greater than 51 % goat’s or sheep’s milk. Those animals aren’t as environment friendly at producing milk as cows. As a outcome, halloumi cheese is dearer than cheese made utilizing 100% cow’s milk.

There are additionally non permanent components that may affect the short-term value of halloumi cheese in by hook or by crook. For occasion, plummeting demand in the course of the COVID-19 disaster resulted in a Cypriot stockpile of the stuff. That is certain to affect costs within the quick run, although these costs will presumably return to regular as demand and provide return to regular.

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What Are Some Alternatives to Halloumi Cheese?

Neos Kosmos‘ reporting on halloumi cheese’s protected standing makes it clear there are non-Cypriot cheese-makers producing halloumi cheese in all however identify. As a outcome, should you suppose it’s too costly, you may want to search for these merchandise.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to take a look at different cheeses sharing a number of of halloumi cheese’s properties. Texture-wise, folks evaluate it with mozzarella and paneer. If you just like the style, it is best to take a look at feta and saganaki. Fortunately, there isn’t a scarcity of choices when it comes to cheeses.


Summed up, halloumi cheese has a lot to suggest it. However, it is best to anticipate to pay a better value for it than for extra widespread cheeses within the United States. If that bothers you, take into account testing different cheeses that may function substitutes. On the plus facet, discovering halloumi cheese ought to be even simpler within the United States now than within the not-so-distant previous.

What ought to I search for when shopping for Halloumi cheese?

Look for cheese that’s recent and has a constant texture all through. Check the label for the proportion of goat’s and sheep’s milk utilized in making the cheese. Halloumi made with larger percentages of goat’s milk tends to have a tangier style.

Halloumi Cheese is a fabulously scrumptious cheese of Cypriot delicacies, broadly identified in Europe, and is a favourite in Greek delicacies.

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